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We fix all type of broken garage door springs. Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring, and Broken Garage Door Extension Spring.

What types of garage door springs are generally used?

Two main types of springs found in most garages are

  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs

Chances are your garage door too has got either of these two springs. Torsion springs are attached on the garage door just above the closed door. Garage door extension springs, on the other hand, are placed above the upper tracks of the door on both sides.

Knowing the kind of spring you have can help you communicate your problem clearly to a technician when requesting emergency garage door repair services.

Rest assured, when you hire us, garage door spring replacement is going to be much less than most other service providers. Spring availability too will never be an issue.

Often, people ask us strange questions like – where can I buy torsion springs garage door?

Well, we are a one stop service for garage door repairs. So, even if you want to try your own hands at repairing the door spring, you can pick a torsion spring replacement from us.

Best Spring Repair Practices at ASAP Garage Door Services

We can fix all types of broken garage door springs in no time!

At ASAP, we understand how you feel when garage door starts giving you problem especially when it’s only been few months after your last garage door repair. We therefore work round the clock to provide you emergency services 24/7 all round the year. We follow industry’s best practices and provide best references to homeowners every time we perform a garage door spring repair.

Salient features of our garage door extension springs repair, include:

  • Replacing Garage Door Springs: Most often the garage doors are equipped with both the torsion and extension springs. In case one of them breaks, it is advisable to get them replaced in a set, as the remaining one can also break in no time.
  • We Only Use the Right Spring: We make sure we use the springs that perfectly match with you garage door size and weight and conduct balancing check to ensure the same.
  • We Conduct Safety Inspection: With every spring replacement, we make sure to conduct a free safety inspection for your added safety and security.

What Makes ASAP Garage Door Repair the First Choice of Many Homeowners

We only deal with the best in the industry and as such we never compromise on our quality. We offer:

  • Superior Quality Corrosion Free Springs: We understand that it is not every day you seek professional services for garage door spring replacement. We therefore make sure that our technicians only install superior quality, weather resistant springs in order to prevent friction and hence corrosion.
  • One Time Investment: We guarantee that our services will involve little investment that is going to last for many years to come.

Call Now ASAP Garage Door Repair to fix you garage door broken spring.(800) 490-0968

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