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Welcome to ASAP Garage Door Repair!

We’re a full service company operating in all of New York and New Jersey. Each day, we service garage doors in hundreds of homes and offices in the region.

As garage door specialists, we can handle all sorts of garage door repairs including those concerning wireless remote openers, wireless keypad openers, weather sealing, bent tracks, noisy springs, transmitters/receivers etc.

In case your garage door or some of its components are in need of immediate replacement, you can still count on ASAP Garage Door Repair!

From panel, roller and torsion/extension spring replacements to complete garage door procurement, our specialists can help you with anything related to garage doors!

Why garage door lock refuses to open or close?

Just like most other mechanical devices, garage doors and their openers are also subject to develop faults over time. These faults can at times get nasty and prevent the garage door locks from opening or closing.

There are many reasons as to why a garage door lock may refuse to open or vice versa. While some are momentary, others may force you to reach out to a specialized overhead garage door service area like ours.

Automatic door locks are a great convenience, only when they work properly; if they dysfunction, handling them can be real nasty. Summoning professional technicians from a garage door services company is the last resort in such cases.

Why Do Garage Doors Get Stuck In The First Place?

There are several reasons why garage door get stuck and refuse to open or close. Listed below are some key reasons, along with the possible solutions.

  • Garage door services inc. informs that the garage door track and the opener chain both require to be properly lubricated to do their job perfectly. If either is under-lubricated, wear and tear may soon render the lock useless. Availing ASAP overhead garage door repair service is the best way to get both the parts lubricated to perfection.
  • Tracks of the door locks are made of aluminum, which is highly susceptible to damage. Slight impact from car or any other object can therefore bend the track, making it difficult for the lock to function properly. In case of such emergency situations contact ASAP’s ASAP garage door service.
  • All modern electric garage door openers come with sensors for safety. Located on either side of the door close to the ground, the sensors can be easily obstructed from sensing, which make it difficult for the door to open or close. In case your door is getting stuck, next time before calling in technicians, make sure you check there isn’t anything obstructing the sensors on the door.
  • If you find that there is no obstruction, call in overhead garage door repair service  to see that the sensors on either side of the door are aligned, which is very important for proper functioning.

No matter what sort of garage door locks you’ve got, we can ALWAYS help. Dial (800)-490-0968 if your garage door is stuck. We are here to fix it for you.

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