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So, you’ve bought a new garage door? Your new, perfect and beautiful garage door deserves professional installation. Garage door installation done right, it will serve you for many years to come. Do it wrong, and it will demand repairs in just few months!

With many years of industry experience, ASAP’s garage door installers have successfully established a long list of happy customers and build a strong reputation for our technical expertise and quality workmanship.

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We are the leading garage door installers. We do not work with any sub-contractors and offer work guarantee on garage door installation services.

We pride in offering a wide range services to meet the most stringent of requirements with great ease. Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced technicians, who are well equipped with the required expertise as well as important garage door installation tools to efficiently complete each job.

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Below you can read a great guide on door installation:

Installing and Assembling a New Garage Door – How to Guide 

Getting a new, trendy garage door installed is one of the best ways to give your home a whole new look and raise its future value as well. Also, the improved level of security that you get is always worth the investment made. But, lots of hardware and screws involved in a garage door installation project might just scare you off easily, especially if you are a first-timer!

Garage Door Installation

Having a professional garage door installation technician come by and do the needful is the easy way out but you too should know some basics.

Practically, however, the assembly and installation isn’t that tough and learning how to perform the job can be easier than you would initially suppose. Some guidance and the right tools can make this otherwise overwhelming task a simple and quick DIY project for you!

Here are step-by-step instructions that will help you assemble and install a new garage door quite effortlessly by yourself: 

Which Tools and Materials Will You Need?

To begin with, you need a power screwdriver, hammer, screws, nails and brackets regardless of the type of garage door it is and since you’ll need something to place the horizontal track on, make sure use a strong ladder.

Gather all garage door parts and pieces provided by the manufacturer together and have all tools ready.

Please note that some commercial and residential garage door installations can only be taken up by professional technicians due to the complexities involved and therefore, it is advisable to just dial (732) 322-8877 and let experts handle the job.

Measuring the Area and Attaching Hinges & Handles

Take precise measurements of the area where a garage door has to be installed.  Key measurements that ought to be taken in the primary stage include height and width of the door opening, headroom and back room.

On an average, you should be having around 10″ to 12″ of space for the headroom. For the back room, on the other hand, you need the door height as well as over 18″ of extra space.

If you are not sure of what you’re doing, contact a professional garage door installation service provider. There’d no doubt be some garage door installation cost but in the long term, you don’t want a brand new garage door to develop problems, do you?

You can provisionally fasten stops on both opening sides when accurate measurements are available. If you want to attach weather stripping, use sawhorses to outline the bottom piece of the new garage door.

Next, mount lift handles and hinges to the bottom piece of the door.

Assembling a New Garage Door

Make sure you have sourced all necessary parts and pieces. Now, as per the standard instructions, assemble all curved, vertical and horizontal tracks.

Step By Step Garage Door Installation

#1 Preparing the First Panel for Installation

Place the first panel in the doorway after you have attached the weather stripping supplied by the manufacturer.

Partially drive nails into the jambs in order to momentarily hold the panel in the right place. This allows you to comfortably carry on with installation while keeping the in correct position.

#2 Setting the Bottom Piece in Place

Slot in the bottom piece carefully into the frame of the door and set the piece using a level.

Drive nails into all jambs once you think the piece is properly in place, and slightly slant the nails so that they remain well in place.

#3 Preparing the Doorway Sides for Installation

Install brackets and rollers on the door panel following the instructions. When placing rollers on the panel in order to install the vertical track, keep moving from one side to the other.

#4 Installing the Next Set of Rollers on the Remaining Panels

Take the second panel and install it on top of the first panel, driving nails into each side jamb so that the panel holds its place.

The next step is to install the hinges and you’ll have to keep repeating the same process for all panels.

Install rollers in the roller supports of the section once all sections are secured.

Now, place all rollers well in the assembled track and don’t forget to secure the brackets while going along. Make sure garage door rollers don’t press too forcefully against the track, for excess of friction might damage the door.

#5 Securing the Tracks and Attaching Springs

Install all horizontal and curved pieces when the vertical tracks are properly secured against the jambs. Use the same previous measurements while getting the horizontal pieces installed. Ensure that the tracks lie straight and point away from the door opening accurately at 90 degrees.

Garage Door Installation

Finally, assemble the springs as per the instructions once all the tracks are secured. Lift the door up with help of the other person in order to ensure that the tracks are parallel and equal. Now, completely lift the door and adjust the springs properly to the pulley system.

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