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Garage Door Safety for Children in NJ: Educating and Protecting Your Kids

Your garage door plays a crucial role in your daily life, providing security and easy access to your home. However, it can also pose potential dangers, especially for curious children. Garage door accidents are preventable with the right knowledge and precautions. In this blog, we’ll explore essential tips to educate and protect your kids from garage door hazards.

Understanding the Risks

Garage doors are heavy and powerful, and they can cause serious injuries if not handled properly. Children might see the garage door as a fascinating plaything, but it’s vital to teach them about the potential dangers:

Pinch Points:

Garage doors have several moving parts that can trap fingers, hands, or even clothing. Explain to your kids that they should never touch these parts when the door is in motion.

Remote Control:

Kids are often intrigued by remote controls. Make sure they understand that the garage door remote is not a toy and should not be used without supervision.

Auto-Reverse Feature:

Modern garage doors come with auto-reverse mechanisms that should detect any obstruction and immediately reverse the door’s direction. Test this feature regularly to ensure it functions correctly.

Educate Your Children

Communication is key to garage door safety. Here’s how to educate your kids effectively:

Set Ground Rules:

Establish clear rules about playing near or with the garage door. Emphasize that it’s not a play area.


Show your children how the garage door operates and explain its potential dangers. Use this opportunity to stress the importance of keeping a safe distance.

Emergency Procedures:

Teach your kids what to do in case of an emergency, such as if they or a friend becomes trapped under the garage door. They should know how to call for help immediately.

Secure the Area

Preventative measures can significantly reduce the risks associated with garage doors:

Lock the Remote:

Keep the garage door remote out of reach of children. Consider a keypad entry system if you want a secure but easily accessible option.

Lock the Door:

Install locks on the garage door itself to prevent unauthorized access.

Regular Maintenance:

Schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure that the garage door functions correctly and safely.

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Chris Balogh
Chris Balogh
ASAP was one of the fastest and most professional services I have experienced in a long time, a quick callback, automatic scheduling and a tech here within 12 hours of the door spring breaking. It was fixed and calibrated in 45 minutes and we are back in business. I highly recommend this company.
Moses Pierre-Louis
Moses Pierre-Louis
They don’t call these guys ASAP for no reason. Charlie is a very knowledgeable guy and does honest work. This is my second time using them and will use them for all of my properties.
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Dennis Romano
Great service. Prompt and courteous. This is our second time using them. I highly recommend them.
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Joseph Cahill
Very happy with the work Oren and his crew did. They helped remove my old door and install a new one on one days notice! Great working with Mike. Would recommend.
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Steve Saka
Excellent service
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carla lucas
Very timely response time, very professional. Great experience!
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Sean Clark
Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with all aspects of ASAP Garage Door Services and will certainly use them in the future if the need arises.
The Tech was super nice. very professional. Mike identify the problem right away. told me the price before he did anything. i approved the price was good and he did it right away. thank you highly recommended.
Csaba Magyar
Csaba Magyar
Amazing company